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Letters from Children & School Administrators

Dear Mrs. Pellón,

Thank you for organizing that great concert! I loved how much effort you put into it. I especially liked the song called “Tower at Midnight.” I wrote a little poem about the whole concert:

Listen, listen, very clearly
Slip off into a new world
Fall asleep and dream a dream
About this special place
Hear the sweet sound in your sleep
But it’s not boring at all
Hear it twice, again, again,
You’re really sad when it’s over.

I hope you liked my letter.

Rockfish River Elementary School
P.S. I was inspired a lot with the music to play more violin.

Dear Ms. Pellón,

Thank you for having the concert. I want to thank the Dave Matthews Band (BAMA Works). Why I want to thank the Dave Matthews Band is because they spent so much money for kids like me. It was amazing!! It was a wonderful miracle that took place in my life. I don’t play an instrument but I know now that I should start. (If I can find the time).

Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

Dear Mrs. Pellón,

Thank you so much for bringing us the Talich Quartet. The music was really peaceful and made me think a lot. It made me think about determination and goals. If I stick to something, later in my life it could blossom into something beautiful. The music was great and I’m glad you were able to bring such an inspirational experience to our school. I think I will remember the concert long after my school years because it meant so much. Thank you Tuesday Evening Concert Series!

Grade 8
Nelson County Middle School

Dear Ms. Pellón,

Thank you very much for organizing the educational concert by the Salzburg Chamber Soloists. The music was wonderful, and it was obvious they were extremely talented. At the concerts made possible by the Tuesday Evening Concert Series, the music and musicians are at the same standard: one of the highest possible. I also learned much from the musicians’ talk and playing, and from the insightful and creative questions from the other students. Once again, thank you very much. I think I speak with the voice of most of the rest of Peabody Middle School when I say that we can hardly wait for the next concert.

Yours truly,
Grade 6
Peabody School

Dear Mrs. Pellón,

Gracias, para la musica, y los boletos, el maestro fui el mas talentado que yo vi en mi vida. Estoy feliz que hicieron algo de tango, y de la musica classica. Buena suerte en los conciertos proxima, y gracias un otra vez para los boletos.

(Thanks for the music and the tickets, the maestro was the most talented that I have seen in my life. I am happy that they played a tango and classical music. Good luck with the next concerts, and thanks again for the tickets.)

Peabody School

Dear Tuesday Evening Concert Series,

Thank you for paying the Miami String Quartet group to play for us. They sounded really good! I learned a lot about music from Austria, Argentina, France and Czechoslovakia. The instruments sounded neat, because it sounded like only one instrument was playing. We learned that the instruments the Miami String Quartet group played were very old. some of them were about 400 years old! I also learned about the instruments they played. thank you for letting Venable’s third grade see the Miami String Quartet group play. It was really fun! They were really good, and very friendly. Thank you again for letting us learn from this performance. Again, it was SO much fun!

Your friend,
Grade 3
Venable School

Dear Ms. Pellón,

Thank you for organizing such a fantastic concert. I thought the musicians were amazing, especially the cellos. At first you could not hear them, but when they stopped playing it made a huge difference. And the cello soloist was phenomenal, the way she bowed so fast. The music was very moving, and I hope I can come to another one of your spectacular concerts. What you organized made my day and probably many others. It was an inspiration to all music players.

Henley Middle School

Dear Karen:

On behalf of Charlottesville City Schools, and specifically Walker Upper Elementary School, I’d like to thank you for making the Jon Manasse and Jon Nakamatsu performance on September 27 possible. I cannot imagine a better concert for our students. It began very classical and ended with Gershwin’s “I’ve Got Rhythm.” A perfect way to increase interest, enthusiasm, and excitement was to increase the tempos of the music for the last piece and let the students clap along and move to the music. They obviously liked that, but they also enjoyed the entire concert. The audience was very respectful throughout, and although we expect that, and try to demand it, it is most sincere when it is earned. And that was the case in this concert. The performers earned the respect of the audience by knowing how to interact in a positive way. It’s a tricky little dance for kids this age, but these guys knew how to do it!

Thanks for sharing such tremendous talent with our students. One never knows what seed is being planted or when it will grow later on. Please thank the Watterson Foundation for once again providing a wonderful performance for our students free of charge.

Now, we’re looking forward to November 14th!

Jeff Suling
Fine Arts Coordinator
Charlottesville City Schools

Dear Ms. Pellón,

I liked listening to the Salzburg Chamber Soloists at Charlottesville High School. It was not a pointless field trip. I really liked it. Thank you!

from Bess
Peabody School

Dear Mrs. Pellón,

The chamber orchestra was very inspiring. I loved the music and hope to hear and play some like it in the future. I especially liked how the instruments could play different sounds and how the orchestra could play different types of music. The music they played had many different feels to it and had meaning behind it which was very interesting to hear. It was an honor to hear the chamber orchestra play and I hope they come again.


Dear Ms. Pellón,

Thank you for organizing such fantastic concerts for Middle Schoolers, free of charge! The concert today was really interesting and the musicians really amazing. Their repetorre [sic] was wide which kept the concert interesting. I enjoyed their performance immensely. Their intonation was perfect and their tone enjoyable. They were very friendly and put up with all the questions. I play the violin so it was inspiring to hear such great and young musicians play.


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